Monday, 21 February 2011

Lip Plumper. How dos Lip Plumper Work?

As much as you want sugary, sexy and full lips, by using a lip plumper, you are prone to some side effects. Take a look at the lip plumper side effects that may affect you upon prolonged use of the cosmetics.

Lip plumpers are now available to help you get those sexy lips you've always dreamt about. Whether you opt for a temporary option, or a permanent fix, the choice is yours. But getting a permanent lip plumping job is slightly riskier than going for a temporary alternative, such as an over-the-counter lip plumper. But, what you don't know is that even such a product can have certain side effects and allergic reactions. What are these lip plumper side effects? Are lip plumpers safe? Before we try to find answers to these questions, let's first understand how lip plumpers work.

How does Lip Plumper Work?

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

New Year Make up

You have thought over a holiday menu, people you want to invite or place to go on a visit … You’ve even chosen an attire, and maybe you’re already going to a hairdresser, but fooling with evening makeup… you just have no time for it. But your face is very important for a holiday image. Try to change your image, and all your associates will definitely appreciate it!

You can make a classical make-up which will correspond to a fine lady in a chic evening dress by yourself. Here are 17 tips that will help you to create evening makeup according to professional rules.

1. First of all, wipe your face with tonic. Usually it is a tonic without alcohol. Some women prefer just face washing: this is also not forbidden by strict rules of stylists.

2. Then apply a day cream: very thin layer. Blot its surpluses with a cosmetic napkin.

3. To make facial skin as smooth as possible, apply a thin layer of foundation cream. Shade it carefully. For makeup evening you can use slightly darker foundation. Select colour of tone carefully: too dark tone will look unnatural....

Friday, 3 December 2010

Trendy Make-Up. Nude Lips.

Make-up trends 2011.
Lips and skin of the same color is one of the beauty trends of this season winter 2010-2011. This is not the monochromatic make-up of the '90s. Today's nude isn't limited to boring beige color. It can mean deepening the natural color of your lips.

Nude lips will look great with total nude make up, with smokey eyes or with any bright eye shadow as well. Apply a pale pink (but certainly matt!) or beige lipstick and use bronzer instead of blush. This is the main rule of this season if you want to look tre dy and fashionable.

Photos: Catwalk Girls. Nude Lips. Nude Make-Up.

Phillip Lim 3.1

Alexander Wang

Monday, 29 November 2010

Bright Lips Fashion Make-up Trend of Fall-Winter 2010-2011.

One of the main beauty rules of the season fall-winter 2010-2011 is bright lips. Hollywood fashion-conscious women comply with the rule with the greatest pleasure!

Actresses Leighton Meester and Anna Friel prefer rich berry-like lip gloss. Blondes with white skin will look great with coral red (certainly matt) lipstick. Trendsetters
Blake Lively and Carey Mulligan finish their trendy make-up with perfect face colour and black mascara.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Cosmetics Tips and Applying Make-up Advices. Makeup Tips.

Make-up is like an art and applying make-up tips in a resourceful way is another thing. Professional make-up improves the appeal and gives you an added title in society which helps you regain self-confidence. Make-up has to be an extension of what makes you from you, not something that makes you into someone else. Even the most expensive makeup will not look particularly great if it is applied heedlessly and using your fingertips.

The makeup includes many things like you should know about makeup tools like concealers, foundation, eye shadows, eyeliners and their correct application for ideal look. Before the start of make up you should choose well lighted place. All makeup tools and products you need should be next to you.

There are many women who are not very beautiful, but since they know the art of carrying themselves, they come the center of attraction despite their not perfect looks. We will give you all information about cosmetic products in the market and latest makeup application tips to improve your natural beauty.

How to Apply Eye Makeup Correctly.

Everybody knows that eyes are the windows to the soul. If you want somebody to see your inner beauty, you have to get noticed. But the ideal way to get noticed is wearing the most inviting and delicate eye make-up, however the key is the application of the eye make-up. We have to admit that most of us business people do not have enough the time or cash to dash to our stylist every time we need to apply make-up, but that's ok, let's leave that to the rich to do. For us we can find out how to apply eye make-up and be just as good as a professional, even though it may take a little practice we will eventually get there.

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

What Beauty Trends Do Celebrities Prefer Today?

What beauty and make-up trends do celebrities like this season?

Katherine Heigl and Taylor Momsen added a pop of color to their fair complexions and blonde hair with bright blue shadow. It looks very sexy when U R a blonde.
Talking about sweet talk! Rihanna and Camilla Belle painted their pouts with sugary pink lipstick.
Keri Russell and Jessica Biel fake wind-kissed cheeks with an ample dusting of rosy blush. It's true that pink cheeks make you look like a little baby.
Eve and Jada Pinkett Smith gave colored shadow the green light, highlighting their eyelids with the shimmering hue. Green eye shadow also looks good with red lipstick.
January Jones and Claire Danes gave their eyes extra dazzle with a dusting of gold shadow on the SAG Awards red carpet.
No neutrals for January Jones and Katie Holmes, they highlighted their eyes with soft and flattering purple hues.

Katy Perry and Lindsay Lohan went the sweet route, painting their pouts with petal pink lipstick.

Christina Ricci and Kim Kardashian revisit a '50s classic, balancing bold red lips with thick sweeps of black liquid top liner.

Adding an '80s edge to their makeup, Mischa Barton and Kate Moss defineed their eyes with streaks of smoky gray eye shadow.

Monday, 12 January 2009

Applying Eye Shadow. Tips and Tricks When Using Eye Makeup

We always hear the proverb that the eyes are the windows to a person's soul. And it is nothing else but truth, because we can almost always known what kind of person someone is, or what is the underlying meaning of the words she or he says, simply by looking at the eyes. The eyes are prominent features of the face and are used a lot in communicating through non-verbal language.

Given that a person's eyes are the features that arrest attention whenever other people look at the face, women would do well to play up their eyes to enhance her face. There is nothing more attractive than tantalizing, lovely eyes.

The trick to creating eyes that will merit more than one second glance lies in the proper application of eye makeup, particularly the eye shadow. Here are a few tips and tricks guaranteed to make the eyes look adorable.
  • Blend it well. One of the keys to perfectly madeup eyes is in how the colours of the eye shadow are blended on the lids. The colours of your eye shadow should be flowing smoothly and harmoniously from one shade to the other upon your lids. To do this, you will need to use 3 colours for your eye shadow: the base colour, the main colour, and the highlighter. Apply the base colour on your eyelids first, and then put on the main colour. Afterwards, highlight the crease of your eyes.
  • Bring out the color of your eyes. The colours of your eye shadow should bring out the colour of your eyes, whether to match it or to go in contrast. Experiment with colours and see how good they go with your eyes.
  • Feature carefully. The purpose for putting highlighting colour on the eyes is to set the eyes off and to complete the effect you are trying to achieve with your eye shadow. So it is important to apply your highlighter very carefully. Blend your highlighter at the outer edge of the crease to make your eyes look larger. If your highlighter is too close, you will end up with beady-looking eyes.
  • Leave your browbone alone. Putting eye shadow on your browbone is unnecessary; simplicity goes a long, long way. Put color up to your browbone, but leave the browbone itself alone.
  • Tone down the shimmer. Shimmer is great for bringing out the eyes, but be careful in laying it out, it can bring out not just the eyes, but also the lines and the wrinkles.
  • Use a primer. Use a primer before applying your eye shadow. Putting a primer on not only makes your eye shadow look smoother, but also makes it last longer on your eyes.

  • Work the lips. If you want to have dramatic red lips, keep your eye shadow light and use a concealer to hide unsightly lines on your lids. You would not want to look like a clown with red lips and heavy eye shadow.
  • Limit the smoky hue. If you are trying your hand at a smoky eye, try to keep your colour on the eyelid and don't let it come close to the crease.
  • Brighten with white. To make your eyes seem brighter add a few dots of white just on the inside of eyes.
  • Colour, colour, colour. Experiment with various shades of eye shadow. If you bought something that you think is too dark or bold for you, try to mix it with other colors.