Tuesday, 30 September 2008


There are many ways of skin tightening. Different dermatologists use different metods. There are also many products you can use at home now that result in minimal skin tightening if you can't seek the services of a doctor. The methods range from lotions containing a variety of vitamins and anti-oxidants and collagen producing boosters to invasive procedures like cosmetic surgery.

Skin Tightening
We should use skin tightening creams throughout your lifetime. But at some point, no matter you use them or not, years will catch up with your skin. Damage from sun exposure and natural aging results in a breakdown of collagen which is what gives our skin its soft and plump look. As the amount of collagen is reduced, the skin begins to sag. At that point, you may need to seek one of the other ways of skin tightening.

Of course, the most radical way is cosmetic surgery. But it is quite unnaturally and can have more disadvantages than advantages.

Many natural products from your kitchen can do amazing things for your skin. Check out these homemade skin-care ideas:

* For a skin-tightening mask for normal and oily skin, whip an egg white, apply to the face, and allow to dry. Rinse off after twenty minutes. Avoid this treatment on dry skin, where it may be too harsh.

* Peel a cucumber and whip it up with 2 egg whites. Add one teaspoon of lemon juice, two tablespoons of brandy and half a teaspoon of ground mint optionally. In case the mixture is watery, add some Kaolin (white clay) to the extent that the mixture turns thick. Make a generous application of the paste on the areas with large pores and leave it on for twenty minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

* 1 Ripe peach, 1 egg White
Mash 1 fully ripe peach. Whisk egg white and mix it with the mashed peach. Apply the paste on your face and keep it for 20 min. Rinse off with cold water to get firmer and tighter skin.

* Break an egg into a small mixing bowl, and whisk it until it's frothy. Stir in the sweet almond oil or sunflower oil, cornstarch, sea salt, pure honey and cream or milk, and mix until the ingredients are completely incorporated. Smooth the mixture on your face and neck. Apply it in a circular motion, beginning at the neck and working up. Allow the skin-tightening facial to remain on your face for ten to fifteen min. and rinse it with cool water.

* 1 egg white, 1-2 teaspoon powdered milk
Whip the egg white (using a fork). Mix both ingredients in a bowl properly. Apply onto skin. Leave on for ten min (your face will feel tight as the mask dries). Rinse off with cold water.

Use one of recipes at least twice a week.

Thursday, 18 September 2008


Natural Skin Care - Just Look Into Your Kitchen

Safer, less expensive, and easy-to-use natural skin care can be as easy as opening your kitchen cabinet, coupled with a few minutes of preparation.

Healthy, radiant, glowing skin is something woman person wants. Yet, few of us even think to use what is really the best for the skin: natural skin care products.

Each year, millions of dollars are spent chasing after perfectly healthy, ageless skin. The stress, environment, and less than healthy eating habits, all play a major role in the quality of your skin.

The answers to achieving radiant, glowing complexion are within arm's reach. Many of the items in your kitchen right now can provide natural skin care that's even better thank those expensive, chemical filled products that cost an arm and a leg.

Skin Care Throughout Life

From the day of our birth, our skin requires much care to remain smooth and healthy. It begins with soap to keep us clean. Then, there are powders, creams, and ointments to keep diaper rash from our bottoms. During the 1st few years of our lives, our skin will do well with soap for cleaning and the occasional lotion or cream for moisture. Then come the teen years. Our raging hormones bring out the oily skin, the pimples, and a host of other conditions.
It is important to understand that everything that comes in contact with our body affects our health and the condition of our skin. That is why choosing natural skin care products and ingredients is important. The liver filters the toxins and poisons from the food we eat, but whatever we place on our skin is directly absorbed. This includes lotions, deodorant, gels, cleansers, toners, perfumes, make-up, and more.
As we age, our skin becomes more sensitive, and we need to be even more careful with the beauty treatments we use.

Simple Solutions for Better Skin

Here are a just a few natural skin care solutions for you to try. You'll be very pleased with the results:
- Once a week, rub your skin with baking soda while in the shower, for a silky, smooth feeling. You can also do this on your face to remove black heads.
- For a great moisturizer try olive oil: this healthy fat is good for you, and is great for your skin. You can also use it to soothe sunburned skin.
- Fresh tomatoes are great for the oily areas of your face. (but your skin may be sensitive to it, so try it on your arms first). Rinse thoroughly immediately after using the tomato juice.
- Egg yolk mixed with honey makes for a really great mask: put on your skin, leave it on for 20 minutes, and rinse off. Excellent for sensitive skin. Honey gives a tingling/ticklish sensation, so if you are sensitive to that, use the egg yolk alone.
- Vinegar can work wonders for smelly feet and armpits. Mix water and vinegar 50/50, and use in place of deodorant: it will keep the unpleasant sweat smell away, without any irritation. As for your feet, if you suffer with athlete's foot, a week of vinegar foot bath will help a lot, sometimes completely getting rid of your condition.
- A great treatment for dry skin is avocado: mash it, smooth it onto your face, and rinse off after twenty minutes.
- Another use for egg yolk: for those with eczema, use it instead of soap. It does not smell very good, but it will heal your damaged skin.

Lastly, make sure you drink 8 glasses of water every day to keep your skin cared from the inside out.


Funky face-masks, smashing soap and lovely lip-glosses are awesome products but they can be really expensive. If you are not afraid to get your hands dirty, we have an easy way for you to get the goods this season without the high costs. Besides you never know if the ingredients mentioned on the packing of your favourite cosmetics are really safe and useful for your health. So making cosmetics by yourself is a quality guarantee.

You can make all these products at home if you have the right ingredients. These recipes are easy and cheap to make... and make rad gifts for your friends.
Follow these directions to make some dope soap:

- Bars of natural fragrance or color free soap
- Essential oils of your choice (rose, lavender and jasmine work well)
- Food coloring
- Vitamin E Oil (Optional)
- Almond Oil
- Oats

1) Grate soap in a blender or food processor.
2) Boil a pot of water and put a glass bowl over the pot, (like a double boiler.)
3) Add some almond oil into the bowl.
4) Add the soap into the bowl.
5) Take the water from the pot and add it into the bowl until soap changes into paste.
6) Add oils, color, and vitamin E as desired.
7) Let cool in molds of your choice. You can use anything for a mold - ice cube trays, cookie cutters or your own hand.
(To make hand soap, flatten soap paste to approximately 1/4 inch. Trace your hand on to the surface of the paste and mold accordingly. Finish by writing "hand soap.")
8) Air out on wax paper for a day or two.

Experiment! Make different shapes of soap or do not mix the color all the way in. Oats are great for exfoliating. Lavender pieces and rose petals can sometimes mold or rot if you do not air the soap out properly, so be careful. Your utensils should not be used for food afterwards but if you need to, wash very thoroughly.


Funky Face-Mask Formula (homemade cosmetics):

1) Mix a 1/4 cup of powdered clay with,
2) 3 teaspoons of corn starch.
3) Then mix in a blend of:
herbs like jasmine, peppermint or calendula. (About three teaspoons total per 1/4 cup.)
Essential oils like lavender, sandalwood or tea tree. (About 8 drops total per 1/4 cup)
For oily skin - add 4 teaspoons of Brewers Yeast.
For dry skin - add 4 teaspoons of sweet almond or jojoba oil.
4) Add enough water to form a paste.
5) And your done!

If you just want to make a little bit at a time, just reduce the quantities of each ingredient accordingly.

Mix These Materials To Make Your Own Lip-Gloss:

1) 1/4 cup and 2 tablespoons of sweet almond oil.
2) 4 tablespoons of grated beaswax.
3) 1 tablespoon honey.
4) 6 capsules pure vitamin E oil.
5) 1/4 teaspoon cocoa butter.
6) 2/3 drops essential oil (peppermint or sweet birch are nice.)

Just mix all the stuff together and scoop the goop into some 1/2 ounce tins which you can buy at a craft or dollar store. And c'est fini!