Tuesday, 30 September 2008


There are many ways of skin tightening. Different dermatologists use different metods. There are also many products you can use at home now that result in minimal skin tightening if you can't seek the services of a doctor. The methods range from lotions containing a variety of vitamins and anti-oxidants and collagen producing boosters to invasive procedures like cosmetic surgery.

Skin Tightening
We should use skin tightening creams throughout your lifetime. But at some point, no matter you use them or not, years will catch up with your skin. Damage from sun exposure and natural aging results in a breakdown of collagen which is what gives our skin its soft and plump look. As the amount of collagen is reduced, the skin begins to sag. At that point, you may need to seek one of the other ways of skin tightening.

Of course, the most radical way is cosmetic surgery. But it is quite unnaturally and can have more disadvantages than advantages.

Many natural products from your kitchen can do amazing things for your skin. Check out these homemade skin-care ideas:

* For a skin-tightening mask for normal and oily skin, whip an egg white, apply to the face, and allow to dry. Rinse off after twenty minutes. Avoid this treatment on dry skin, where it may be too harsh.

* Peel a cucumber and whip it up with 2 egg whites. Add one teaspoon of lemon juice, two tablespoons of brandy and half a teaspoon of ground mint optionally. In case the mixture is watery, add some Kaolin (white clay) to the extent that the mixture turns thick. Make a generous application of the paste on the areas with large pores and leave it on for twenty minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

* 1 Ripe peach, 1 egg White
Mash 1 fully ripe peach. Whisk egg white and mix it with the mashed peach. Apply the paste on your face and keep it for 20 min. Rinse off with cold water to get firmer and tighter skin.

* Break an egg into a small mixing bowl, and whisk it until it's frothy. Stir in the sweet almond oil or sunflower oil, cornstarch, sea salt, pure honey and cream or milk, and mix until the ingredients are completely incorporated. Smooth the mixture on your face and neck. Apply it in a circular motion, beginning at the neck and working up. Allow the skin-tightening facial to remain on your face for ten to fifteen min. and rinse it with cool water.

* 1 egg white, 1-2 teaspoon powdered milk
Whip the egg white (using a fork). Mix both ingredients in a bowl properly. Apply onto skin. Leave on for ten min (your face will feel tight as the mask dries). Rinse off with cold water.

Use one of recipes at least twice a week.