Friday, 3 December 2010

Trendy Make-Up. Nude Lips.

Make-up trends 2011.
Lips and skin of the same color is one of the beauty trends of this season winter 2010-2011. This is not the monochromatic make-up of the '90s. Today's nude isn't limited to boring beige color. It can mean deepening the natural color of your lips.

Nude lips will look great with total nude make up, with smokey eyes or with any bright eye shadow as well. Apply a pale pink (but certainly matt!) or beige lipstick and use bronzer instead of blush. This is the main rule of this season if you want to look tre dy and fashionable.

Photos: Catwalk Girls. Nude Lips. Nude Make-Up.

Phillip Lim 3.1

Alexander Wang


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