Tuesday, 21 December 2010

New Year Make up

You have thought over a holiday menu, people you want to invite or place to go on a visit … You’ve even chosen an attire, and maybe you’re already going to a hairdresser, but fooling with evening makeup… you just have no time for it. But your face is very important for a holiday image. Try to change your image, and all your associates will definitely appreciate it!

You can make a classical make-up which will correspond to a fine lady in a chic evening dress by yourself. Here are 17 tips that will help you to create evening makeup according to professional rules.

1. First of all, wipe your face with tonic. Usually it is a tonic without alcohol. Some women prefer just face washing: this is also not forbidden by strict rules of stylists.

2. Then apply a day cream: very thin layer. Blot its surpluses with a cosmetic napkin.

3. To make facial skin as smooth as possible, apply a thin layer of foundation cream. Shade it carefully. For makeup evening you can use slightly darker foundation. Select colour of tone carefully: too dark tone will look unnatural....

4. Now let's start face correction. Correct you natural defects with rather dark blush of brownish shades. In case your face seems too wide, black out (not excessively!) cheeks from regional line of hair growth downwards and to the cheek middle. If your cheekbones are too wide - put blush on the most convex places. For normal face - blush is put under cheekbones. In case your forehead is too high, and you do not have a bang, - put blush on regional line of forehead. If you have a sharp chin, you have to put blush on its bottom part. Blush is applied by a brush and shaded with sponge.

Remember! If this procedure is new for you, work over your face in advance: master this technology. Be guided by a rule: small amount of cosmetics will provide the best effect, instead of its surplus.

5. After face correction is made, blush is applied and shaded, apply loose powder on all face. If you got used to apply a cream powder, use it, but apply very cautiously: not to grease contours created by blush.

6. Now apply a thin layer of blush on cheeks. (This position is not necessary).

7. The following action - application of a thin layer of foundation cream on lips. Then lipstick would last longer. Blot surplus of cream.

8. Powder eyes slightly.

9. In case of necessity, correct eyebrows with a pencil for eyebrows. Black pencil is not applied: only different tones of brown.

10. Apply shadows on eyes. Color of shadows is chosen in conformity with your toilet. First of all, primary color is applied. Then external corner of eye is shaded: with darker shadows. An accent with black shadows in eye cavity at corner is supposed. Under eyelid you may draw a narrow line of darker shadows. If you have not too prominent eyes, you can shade eye centre under eyebrow with absolutely light or even white shades: it will make your eyes especially significant.

11. Now it is a turn of nacreous shades, spangles and other New Year effects.

12. Draw a thin line with liquid eye liner: only on an upper eyelid. You can apply liner on all eye edge, or only on eye corners.

13. If you plan to use rhinestones in make-up, stick them now by means of special glue.

14. Now let’s do eyelashes, or paste false eyelashes, which are quite pertinent in a celebratory evening makeup. Special shops offer a wide choice of false eyelashes: for density strengthening, increase in length and, including, eyelashes with Lurex. You can get them in theatrical shops or in shops where dancing accessories are on sale. In the New Year evening such eyelashes will be quite pertinent even in a classical make-up.

15. Now lips. The first stage is drawing of lip contour, which should be one tone darker than lipstick. Shade contour with sponge.

16. Apply lipstick. Blot lips with a napkin. Powder lips. Apply one more layer of lipstick.

Such multilayered evening makeup will make your skin smooth, and it will last longer. Just do not forget that all layers of cosmetics should be thin!

17. If you have a dress with low neckline, spangles and pastes, you can decorate dress and bared area of breast.

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